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 PLEASE READ ~ The Definition of Baiting

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PLEASE READ ~ The Definition of Baiting Empty
PostSubject: PLEASE READ ~ The Definition of Baiting   PLEASE READ ~ The Definition of Baiting EmptyFri Mar 04, 2011 10:50 pm

I want to share with everyone the definition of baiting.

Baiting is an enticement; a temptation, to entice; especially by trickery or strategy; to attack or torment, especially with persistent insults, criticism, or ridicule; or to tease.

How does this pertain to The Founding Fathers? From time to time in the forum there are words, phrases, threads that are posted with the intention of starting an argument. Baiting is obvious to myself, the other adminstrators and the moderators.

When baiting is seen a PM from an admin or moderator can be expected. In addition the thread may be locked (if the offending poster started it) or posts may be deleted. If the baiting continues other actions might be taken.

If you have any questions please PM myself or one of the other admins or mods.


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PLEASE READ ~ The Definition of Baiting
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