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 Dr. Quinn,Medicine Woman 25TH Anniversary Cast Reunion BBQ

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Dr. Quinn,Medicine Woman 25TH Anniversary Cast Reunion BBQ Empty
PostSubject: Dr. Quinn,Medicine Woman 25TH Anniversary Cast Reunion BBQ   Dr. Quinn,Medicine Woman 25TH Anniversary Cast Reunion BBQ EmptyMon Oct 05, 2015 3:42 am

Calling all Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman viewers/fans newbies and oldies to DQMW which is now being shown twice a day Mon-Friday on INSP Channel in the USA
CBR Radio is hosting an upcoming event which I call the last hurrah for DQ fans to take part in.
The Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman 25th Anniversary Cast Reunion BBQ

When: Sunday, February 21, 2016
Now you think a BBQ in Winter time but in LA we usually have such nice weather in the late winter and early spring but yes a BBQ in winter. Jane Seymour selected the date so that she would have a better chance of attending due to her packed schedule so we went with the selection as she is Michaela Quinn!

Time: 9 AM- 4 PM
Where: The Paramount Ranch, Agoura, CA
Who may attend? Age 15 and up - Ticketed Event
Dress: Western themed attire.
Cast will be asked to attend in Dr Quinn costume.

For those of you attending The Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman 25th Reunion Anniversary BBQ we are adding another event for you to attend for FREE if you so wish. Jane Seymour Open House Gallery
Friday,February 19, 2016.
2 PM -6 PM
Attendees are welcome to view Jane's art on display and meet other Jane admirers and have the opportunity to buy some of Jane's products. Time is subject to change.

This is hosted by Jane's Art Director Susan Nagy Luks and doesn't confirm or promise that Jane Seymour will be in attendance at any time during this event. This is an additional event for those attending the DQ Reunion. More information will be updated as we near reunion date. (Pam)

Why we are doing this?
After 25 years, we feel it is time to celebrate together a show that continues to touch millions around the world and who better to celebrate with then the incredible cast that brought us this amazing program!

What did our beloved Loren Bray (aka Orson Bean) have to say when he heard about the reunion?? " Excellent! I'm the happiest I've been since I took the widow Farnsworth to the turnip festival!"

Can we really make this happen?
YES we WILL make it happen! The first 150 tickets will be guaranteed a seat. If you wait to buy your ticket you will be taking a chance you may not secure a ticket for this event. This event has limited seating of 250 maximum including cast and their guests.

This is a fan funded event 100% endorsed by the Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Cast / Production (Beth Sullivan) all major Dr. Quinn Cast (will be invited to this event. We cannnot guarantee any specific cast member's attendance. No refunds. Transfer of tickets only if notified in advance.

Ticket Price- $125 per person. Donation IS price of your ticket. Any amount over $125 will be considered a donation to the event. First come, first serve basis. Tickets will be sold on an individual basis. Couples or groups must register individual names and purchase each ticket individually. Your receipt for your $125 donation will be your confirmation of your ticket. A photo ID will be requested at registration when you pick up your ticket packet. Registration will be 10 AM-11 AM

Your ticket price helps provide for the following:
Full barbeque buffet at The Pavilion at Paramount Ranch for you and one cast member or their guest. (No alcohol will be served) Security team parking, (Paramount Ranch charges rates for event parking) ranch permit, taxes, insurance and fees, sound system, table set up and clean up, security, ticket pass, decorations, extra restroom facilities, registration staff and park monitors .

Surprises abound! Door prizes, Q&A cast panel
Mingle time with cast! Videos and cameras welcome
The National Park Service does not allow for the selling of videos or photos of the Paramount Ranch and will ask guests what they intend to do with photos and videos they are taking while at the park. The Park Service allows no profits from photos or videos taken at the park . Cast have requested NO signing of items. No Wi-Fi available at the ranch. Cell phones must be on mute during the panel discussion. If you need to make or receive personal calls during the panel discussion please step outside the pavilion.

Any guest who attends must adhere to the rules of The Paramount Ranch National Park Service as well as rules of CBR Radio and DQ cast requests.

Special Prizes for guests who donate $500 and over in addition to ticket purchase. If you wish to make a donation to this event please do so separately from your ticket purchase.

First Prize- Highest donation $500 and over (excluding price of ticket)- Winner will be allowed to sit next to the cast member of their choice for the luncheon Msx time (30 to 45 minutes) (providing that cast member is in attendance) Winner will also be allowed to have one item signed that they bring with them, a photo with the cast member and some private time with that cast member without others around .(Max time 15 minutes).

Second Prize- Second highest donation $500 and over (excluding price of ticket)- Winner will have second choice to sit next to the cast member of their choice for the luncheon Max time 30 to 45 minutes (providing that cast member is in attendance) one signed item and a photo with castmember. Plus special surprise gift.

Third Prize- Third highest donation $500 and over (excluding price of ticket) Winner will have third choice of sitting next to the cast member of their choice for the luncheon Max time 30 to 45 minutes (providing that cast member is in attendance) One signed item they bring with them and a photo with the castmember.

All donations welcome to help us reach this goal. Any funds over our goal will be used toward enhancing the event and donated to The National Park Service, Santa Monica in honor of 2016 being the celebration of the 100th year of the National Park Service! Sully would be thrilled!

Gifts to cast may be given as cast leave the event not during the event. CBR radio and the cast or The Paramount Ranch National Park Service are not responsible for any misplaced, lost or stolen items at this event. No selling of items at this event Is allowed by The National Park Service inside this event or in the park or on said property.

Step back in time as you walk across the ranch bridge into the little town of Colorado Springs and spend the day with the Dr. Quinn cast who eagerly await your presence!

Direct Link to buy tickets
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Dr. Quinn,Medicine Woman 25TH Anniversary Cast Reunion BBQ
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