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 Fanfic Ideas/Plot Bunny Adoption

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PostSubject: Fanfic Ideas/Plot Bunny Adoption   Fanfic Ideas/Plot Bunny Adoption EmptyTue Jul 19, 2011 7:32 pm

I hope this is okay, I didn't see any, unless it's way down somewhere and I'd have to search to find it.

Anyone got any ideas you want to see written? I'm a writer myself, but the Bones muse is often soooo fickle.

The one that's still gnawing at me at the moment is based on the History Channel show "The Day After Disaster" (Just Google the title, you'll get a lot of info). It's picturing what would happen if a nuclear bomb went off on the steps of the Capitol Building. I so want to write it, but it's hard to get a coherent storyline in my brain.

If I've got my research on Wikipedia right, the Jeffersonian would not fall (the major destruction radius would be 3miles and they're just about there or a bit beyond) but it would be damaged somewhat. This would be an awesome fic if you like that kind of thing. I can see the gang diving for cover, someone getting injured by falling debris, worries about Brennan and the baby-normally, she'd be called on for DMORT if she were well enough, but they wouldn't let her with the baby-Angela and Jack worrying about Michael (was that the baby's name? I think so) and just Booth's horror at the results of the attack. And all of their reactions, really. Plus there's Booth and Parker and Rebecca...Cam's daughter... According to the show, the Capitol would be gone, the Washington Monument would be broke apart and the White House would be damaged.

Here's the destruction research link:

Any other ideas anyone wants to post?
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Fanfic Ideas/Plot Bunny Adoption
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